Flamingo-a-Go-Go Planet Cancer Fundraiser Case Study


Flamingo-a-Go-Go, the annual fundraising event for Planet Cancer, gained its initial
Fundraiser for Planet Cancer momentum due to word-of-mouth and the creative nature of the event. The group wanted to take the event to the next level and to utilize the web to spread the
cause to other cities


Increase visibility through a combined social media & PR campaign
Explore social media tools as vehicles for cloning the event in other cities
Increase donations within a limited budget while most non-profits were
experiencing a 40%+ decrease in donations during the economic slump


Use the power of social media and viral campaigns to stretch the budget
Create a Facebook Causes page to recruit new supporters of the cause
Developed a Flocking application to generate viral awareness about the


Accolades was able to significantly increase overall event visibility and grew a substantial online community on Facebook.
The optimized PR campaign combined with social media efforts drove traffic to the Web site and increased activity on Twitter and de.licio.us were sent.
With 600 attendees at the event, the revenue goal is reached
Grew community from 0 to 712 members in the Facebook Causes page in 2 months
Online Press Release Results: 2,242,654
Headline Impressions & 1,155 full page reads
Over 80,000 Twitter followers viewed
Tweets on Twitter
Media Coverage of sponsor event: Maximum FX Cut-A-Thon (News 8 Austin) & the Flocking
Over 220 outgoing Tweets containing key words: Planet Cancer, Flamingoagogo, and