Madelon (Maddie) Highsmith

Maddie is a market strategist with 20 years of experience leading digital agencies. She has gained extensive knowledge from managing brand and digital strategies for many nationally recognized Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 brands. She was a leader at Omnicon and before starting her own agency.  She has managed digital marketing for companies like Nokia, Citgo, Hewlett Packard, Louis Vuitton, United Healthcare, Met Life, Neiman Marcus, LandRover, Haliburton and SmithBarney to name a few.  


Maddie supports Accolades clients with crucial, in-depth market research and Go-to-Market strategies developed in sync with sales initiatives. As a result, she has created software solutions to increase efficiencies in the marketing and sales processes, including an 8,000+ multi-location platform, sales portals and an automated sales content marketing system.