"Smartphones are reinventing the connections between companies and their customers"

- Rich Miner

Marketing to Customers On-The-Move

Our mobile experts conduct market research and feasibility studies to assess positioning in the marketplace, develop a viable Go-To-Market strategy and implement mobile marketing to speed adoption of apps.

Mobile Strategy & Marketing

Mobile Branding Strategy

Leverage the experience of our branding experts to work alongside your team to:

o     Understand and analyze clients’ business needs to determine core insights and translate those into an actionable, strategic platform / brand.

o     Outline SWOT analysis, mission statement, vision statement, essence, brand personality and value proposition.

o     Lead ideation and brainstorming sessions and help crystallize ideas into actionable solutions for clients.

o     Collaborate on interface design and interaction: creating personas, use-case scenarios, wireframes, functional specifications and design recommendations.

o     Develop and define basic segmentation of audience types, customer lifecycles, use cases, and high-level requirements; be able to make experience and content recommendations.

o     Work with the design team to understand the insights extracted and how they translate to real design.

o     Use research methods (both qualitative and quantitative, to extract consumer insights.

Mobile UX/UI Strategy

Leverage the experience of our UI/UX experts to work alongside your team to:

o     UX Strategy: Assess where the client’s product is, where they want to be, and how to achieve their user experience goals.

o     UX Evaluation & Direction: Develop information architecture, interaction design, feedback loops, and flows to ensure that user expectations are set, met and exceeded.

o     UX Research: Identify key UX issues “at the speed of agile development and drive improvements into the product in hours and days, not weeks.

o     Collaborate with clients on entire user experience flow from content discovery through trial version, conversion pipeline, and community and social sharing tools (as applicable).

o     Review concepts, pitch decks, wireframes, mock ups, prototypes as needed.

o     Create user testing of wireframes, mockups, and prototypes using usability, focus-testing methodologies with target consumers and play testing (when applicable to gaming apps.)

o     Heuristic evaluation and editorial review of app UI and text.

Mobile Marketing Strategy & Implementation

Leverage the experience of our mobile marketing experts to work alongside your team to effectively create a sustainable app/business model that will:

o     Identify proactive solutions to solve pain points with current mobile app design and/or user onboarding experiences.

o     Review App Store Optimization including: revising app store app description/positioning, overhauling SEO, and creating mock-up best in class app store images (as needed).

o     Review app icon design and branding to make recommendations based on competitive market.

o     Identify key target audiences and how to reach/market to these users effectively.

o     Review social channels (Facebook, website, blog) and make recommendations on best practices for social calendar/content strategy.

o     Review app monetization strategy and make recommendations based on current and projected Lifetime Customer Value (LTV), Average Revenue per User (ARPU), as well as Cost per Install (CPI).

o      Outline a Go-To-Market plan for app adoption, app discovery, app retention, branding and marketing.


Mobile App Development

Our mobile app partners are carefully vetted based upon technical expertise and ability to fulfill on our established mobile marketing plans.