New Era Portfolio Case Study


A fine art publisher and manufacturer, New Era Portfolio, hired Accolades to develop a social media strategy and implement it for its four different audiences – each with its on Web site. The goal was to sell directly to its consumer audiences online.


Build and strengthen relationships with audiences online and sell directly to consumers online.


Created strategic social media campaigns for interior designers and Gallery Direct consumers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and blogs, as well as supplementing with traditional PR efforts like optimized press releases and media outreach.


Within three months, the client benefited from the following results:
Complete social media system of micro-sites with integrated RSS feeds and new blog
Gallery Direct consumer Twitter account grew in followers by 46%
“Tweets” received over 450 clicks
Online art giveaways received over 1200 views,
CE0 added 500+ new contacts on LinkedIn (with 3,700 invitations still pending)
Media coverage in the Orlando Sentinel
“Accolades Public Relations was one of the first communications firms in Austin to embrace social media strategies along with traditional PR. When I read of their expertise, I knew they would understand how to integrate our Facebook, blog, Twitter and LinkedIn sites for an effective social media presence. Not only did AccoladesPR deliver the publicity results they promised, the education they provided on social media was invaluable. It has changed the way that we do business online.”
- Joe Garcia, CEO & President, New Era Portfolio