Interactive Austin 2009 / Social Media Case Study


Interactive Austin 2009 provides a platform for Austin’s social media experts to examine how to best integrate social media, Web 2.0 tools, and digital media into corporate marketing plans to improve profitability.


Increase conference visibility and attendance through traditional online marketing and social media tools.


Generate organic interest among social media players on heavily trafficked social media sites including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Incorporate online marketing strategies (press releases, signatures, YouTube videos) to drive awareness and interest.


Within 6 weeks, Accolades PR was able to:

  • Grow the IA09 Twitter Group from 0 to 771 members
  • Generate 569 views of images/YouTube videos
  • Motivate the group to create 2,446 outgoing Twitter posts on IA09
  • Gain visibility by over 2.4 million Twitter followers
  • Increase event attendance by 100 new attendees
  • Attract on-site media and blogger coverage
  • Expand to more sponsorships and exhibitors
  • Event revenue growth

Online PR/marketing strategies yielded nearly 2,500 page views, primarily driven by press releases distributed in March and April, YouTube video of IA presentations and the IA 09 Newsroom hosted on the Accolades website.

Keynote interview and article in ThinkerNet and Internet Evolution as well as media coverage in a variety of regional business journals and dailies.