"Cynthia Baker contributed significantly to the successful launch of HDO. We benefited from her astute skills in strategic planning, communications, community involvement and media relations. Cynthia did an excellent job of connecting HDO with the Austin business and entrepreneurial communities. If you want to build relationships with key stakeholders, she is the person to select."

       - Amy Ware, Ph.D., Associate Director, Human Dimensions of Organizations, The University of Texas at Austin

"Accolades Public Relations helped us to rebrand our company, develop an interactive website and share our thought leadership via blogging and social media.  This transformation has helped us to clearly communicate our value to our customers and has had a significant impact on our reputation, reach and ROI. We selected Accolades PR as a strategic partner, because we know they have the expertise in public relations and integrated marketing to help our medical suppliers  and healthcare clients effectively grow their businesses as well."

    - Frank J. Ripullo, M.A., Founder and Managing Partner, Essential Healthcare           Management 

“Accolades Public Relations was one of the first communications firms in Austin to embrace social media strategies along with traditional PR. When I read of their expertise, I knew they would understand how to integrate our Facebook, blog, Twitter and LinkedIn sites for an effective social media presence. Not only did AccoladesPR deliver the publicity results they promised, the education they provided on social media was invaluable. It has changed the way that we do business online.”

- Joe Garcia, CEO & President, New Era Portfolio

“Accolades PR is a proven strategic partner or FG SQUARED interactive agency. They regularly bring energetic vision, strong networks and ideas that are critical to our current and future success.”

- Steve Golab, President & CEO, FG SQUARED

“Cynthia and her team at Accolades go above and beyond what you expect from your standard PR firm. They take on challenging initiatives, do it with enthusiams that is unrivaled, and they do it very well.”

- Michael Hundley, President & CEO, CACH Capital Management, L.L.C.

“Mercury Mambo has worked with Accolades for the past year in all aspects regarding our public relations. In today’s world, one key aspect of this effort is social media. Accolades developed very aggressive social media plans, which included working with us on our blog design and helped us gain visibility as a leader in social media. They brought forth ideas and concepts that were derived from solid social media usage and insight with a keen understanding of the social media landscape.

Overall, Accolades is highly knowledgeable in understanding social media and the tools needed to address our target audience. They proved themselves to have perseverance, initiative and the intellectual creativity necessary to achieve results.”

- Liz Arreaga, Partner, Mercury Mambo

“It is rare to find an agency that cares about the success of your company as much as the success of their own. Cynthia Baker and her team work with you to make sure that your corporate goals are achieved.”

- Andy Meadows, President & CEO, Live Oak 360

“Accolades landed us a media opportunity just when we needed to gain exposure for our services. The team’s commitment to their clients is exceptional. An unexpected plus was their knowledge of technical Web site and Internet marketing needs. They were able to refer us to business partners that helped us improve our online services as well.”

- Jenny Krengel, Founder & CEO, Dream Jobs Inc.

“Recently I organized a Joomla! Day open source training session for Central USA and Mexico. Three weeks out from the event we only had eight enrollments. Accolades created an optimized press release to announce the event, and a week later we had 95 attendees from 12 US states and three countries. Our event was a huge success. We could not have done it without Cynthia’s help.”

- Christopher Justice, Chief Executive Officer, Sparksight, Inc.

“Templar Development, Inc. was impressed with the solid results that Accolades provided for recently. We received a double-hit of media coverage from both the local business journal and the city newspaper announcing our commercial real estate project. Also, the traffic to our Website increased due to the optimization of the press release. Cynthia knows how to maximize exposure for her clients.”

- John P. (Sean) Cummings, Founder & Owner, Quest Realty, Inc. & Templar Development, Inc.

“I wanted to thank both of you for your fine work. Cynthia, I think you took the best parts of my concept and presented it in a way that the public “gets”. You synthesized the concept perfectly. Once they look at the logo I don’t really have to say much to explain the service. Beth, I have gotten raves from friends and enemies alike regarding the website.”

- Alfred Kay, Senior Instructor & Founder; Texas Divorce Bootcamp Seminars