Website & Ecommerce Developer and Content Marketer 
Johannes Beekman
Johannes Beekman has more than 10 years’ experience in marketing and web development.

Johannes worked for over 20 years in the semiconductor industry. He has worked at Sematech in various management positions in sales and marketing. In one of these positions he managed domestic and international symposia and developed new symposium models. Prior to Sematech he worked for Philips Semiconductors in various management positions. At Philips he started in software and database application development, moved on to developing and integrating production processes, and he participated in the start-up of 2 wafer manufacturing facilities as engineering manager developing and integrating business processes. Johannes has extensive international work experience in Europe and Asia and substantial experience in managing cross-functional global project teams.

He specializes in web site development, inbound marketing (he is a Hubspot partner) and outbound marketing (he is a Google partner).